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Computer Repairs


Maintenance Repair Packages

  • System or File Backup Requirement Only:
  • File Backup + Format & Re-Install:
  • Format & Re-Install Only

Infection Removal

  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Adware Removal

Install & Setup Antivirus Software

  • Install Setup & Configuration of Email Client
  • Base Software

Hardware Replacement

  • Power Supply
  • Video Graphics Card
  • Mother Board
  • RAM Memory
  • CPU (If Motherboard is capable)
  • SATA Hard Drive
  • SSD (Solid State)

Professional Cleaning PC Systems

  • Desktop Interior of case & fans (Dust and Dirt)
  • Laptop  Exterior Vent-  Keyboard, Touch Pad and Screen
  • * New * Cell Phone UV Sanitizing

Peripherals & Installs

  • Printers USB & Wireless
  • Web Cam Setup & Configuration
  • Wireless Router Setup

New SSD Installs

  • Hard Drive Install: SDD (Solid State)

Laptop Repair

  • Laptop CPU & Fan Over Heat

New Computer Setup

  • New Computer Setup (Complete from box assembly)
  • Basic
  • Deluxe

Install of Programs

  • Extended Software Installation

Used Computer Electronics

  • Free pickup & Disposal

Home To Home Service

  • Diagnostic/Service To Residence Call: Hourly fee to diagnose and determine rectification or repair required.


  • Consulting: Home Residential System Planning
  • Research and Review for New System purchase
  • Fee:  for accompaniment to store for purchase
  • Senior Friendly Windows Tutoring
  • Personal One on One Tutoring


  • Password Recovery or Windows Logon Reset
  • File Recovery regardless of functionality of computer system. Note: If recovery not successful no fee charged

Special Events

  • HDMI Laptop Rental & Projector (coming soon)

Tutoring Windows 10

  • In the comfort of your home one on one tutoring
  • Remote access online lessons tutoring available for Windows 10